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June HoliDays 


Like every other month during the year, June has plenty of traditional holidays, not-so-traditional holidays and downright wacky holidays. While some holidays honor special people, important historical events or important causes, some holidays in June celebrate delicious food, refreshing beverages or out-of-this-world events!


Grab some sweet treats and pop open the bubbly - it's time to party like a rock star!  June is here! 


Roaming HoliDates


National Cancer Survivors Day (Observed on the 1st Sunday in June)

National Leave the Office Earlier Day (June 2 unless on a weekend)

National Running Day (1st Wednesday)

National Donut Day (1st Friday)

Hug an Atheist Day  (Various dates or on the 1st Friday)

National Get Outdoors Day (Various dates)

World Gin Day ( 2nd Sat)

World Naked Bike Ride Day ( 2nd Sat)

National Children’s Day (2nd Sunday)

Father's Day (3rd Sunday)

National Hollerin’ Contest Day (3rd weekend)

National Dump the Pump Day  (Different dates)

Take Your Dog to Work Day (1st Friday after Father’s Day)

National Flip Flop Day (3rd Friday)

Ugliest Dog Day (3rd Friday)

National Handshake Day (4th Thursday)

Bartender and Mixologist Day (Last Saturday)

Log Cabin Day (Last Sunday)


June Holidays 


June 1:    Heimlich Maneuver Day

June 1:    National Go Barefoot Day

June 1:    Say Something Nice Day

June 2:    National Bubba Day

June 2:    National Rocky Road Day

June 3:    National Egg Day

June 3:    Repeat Day

June 4:    National Cognac Day

June 4:    National Cheese Day

June 4:    Old Maid’s Day

June 4:    National Frozen Yogurt Day

June 5:    National Gingerbread Day

June 5:    World Environment Day

June 6:    National Yo-Yo Day

June 6:    Drive-in Movie Day

June 7:    Daniel Boone Day

June 7:    National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

June 8:    National Best Friend Day

June 8:    World Oceans Day

June 8:    Name Your Poison Day

June 8:    Betty Picnic Day  

June 9:    Donald Duck Day

June 9:    National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day

June 10:   National Black Cow Day

June 10:   National Iced Tea Day

June 11:   Corn on the Cob Day

June 11:   National German Chocolate Cake Day

June 12:   National Peanut Butter Cookie Day (Also observed on June 13)

June 12:   Magic Day

June 13:   National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

June 14:   World Blood Donor Day

June 14:   Flag Day

June 14:   National Cucumber Day 

June 15:   Global Wind Day

June 15:   National Lobster Day

June 16:   National Fudge Day

June 17:   National Eat Your Vegetables Day

June 18:   Go Fishing Day

June 18:   International Picnic Day

June 18:   International Panic Day

June 18:   National Splurge Day

June 18:   National Martini Day (Or June 19)

June 19:   World Sauntering Day

June 19:   Juneteenth 

June 20:   American Eagle Day

June 21:   Summer Solstice

June 21:   World Music Day 

June 22:   No Panty Day

June 22:   Stupid Guy Thing Day

June 22:   National Onion Rings Day

June 23:   National Pink Day

June 23:   Public Service Day

June 24:   Flying Saucer Day

June 24:   International Fairy Day

June 25:   National Catfish Day

June 26:   Tropical Cocktails Day

June 26:   National Chocolate Pudding Day

June 26:   Beautician's Day

June 27:   National HIV Testing Day

June 27:   Helen Keller Day

June 27:   Sunglasses Day

June 28:   National Tapioca Day

June 28:   International Caps Lock Day

June 29:   National Camera Day

June 30:   Social Media Day

June 30:   National Meteor Day

June 30:   Ice Cream Soda Day

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