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September HoliDailys


With another school year in full-swing and cooler weather finally on the way, the month of September has plenty of traditional holidays, not-so-traditional holidays and downright wacky holidays. While some holidays honor people, important historical events, momentous occasions or worthwhile causes, September celebrates grandparents, books, animals, delicious food, refreshing beverages and a very special language. 


Roaming Holidays


Labor Day (1st Mon in Sept)

International Bacon Day (Sat. before Labor Day)

National Grandparents Day (Sunday after Labor Day)

National Hug Your Hound Day (2nd Sun)

National Pet Memorial Day (2nd Sun)

National Boss/Employee Exchange Day (1st Monday after Labor Day)

Autumnal Equinox  - First Day of Fall (Various)

Puppy Mill Awareness Day (Various )

National Wife Appreciation Day (Usually Sept. 16 or 3rd Sat/3rd Sun)

Native American Day (4th Friday)

National Museum Day (Various)

Hug a Vegetarian Day (Various)

National Thank You Day  (Various)

National Ask a Stupid Question Day (Sept.28 unless falls on a weekend)


September Holiday Calendar


September:  National Honey Month

September:  Happy Cat Month



Sept. 1:   National Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day

Sept. 2:   National Beheading Day

Sept. 3:   Drive Safe Today Day

Sept. 3:   National Skyscraper Day

Sept 4:    Eat an Extra Dessert Day 

Sept. 4:   National Wildlife Day

Sept. 5:   National Cheese Pizza Day

Sept. 5:   Be Late for Something Day

Sept. 6:   Read a Book Day

Sept. 7:   Salami Day

Sept 7:    National Beer Lover's Day

Sept. 8:   International Literacy Day

Sept. 9:   (National) Teddy Bear Day

Sept. 9:   Wonderful Weirdos Day

Sept. 9:   National I Love Food Day

Sept. 10:  TV Dinner Day

Sept. 10:  World Suicide Prevention Day

Sept. 11:  9/11 Remembrance Day Anniversary

Sept. 11:  Make Your Bed Day

Sept. 11:  National Hot Cross Bun Day

Sept. 12:  National Video Games Day

Sept. 12:  National Chocolate Milkshake Day

Sept. 13:  National Peanut Day

Sept. 13:  Fortune Cookie Day

Sept. 13:  Uncle Sam Day

Sept. 13:  Bald is Beautiful Day

Sept. 13:  Positive Thinking Day

Sept. 14:  National Coloring Day

Sept. 15:  National Linguine Day

Sept. 15:  National Double-Cheeseburger Day

Sept. 15:  Make a Hat Day

Sept. 15:  National Felt Hat Day

Sept. 15:  National Creme de Menthe Day

Sept. 16:  National Guacamole Day

Sept. 16:  National Wife Appreciation Day

Sept. 16:  Working Parents Day

Sept. 16:  National Play-Doh Day

Sept. 16:  National Stepfamily Day

Sept. 17:  National Apple Dumpling Day

Sept. 17:  Constitution Day

Sept. 18:  World Water Monitoring Day

Sept. 18:  National Cheeseburger Day

Sept.18:   Rice Krispies Treats Day

Sept.19:   International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Sept. 21:  International Day of Peace

Sept. 21:  World Alzheimer’s Day

Sept. 21:  World Gratitude Day

Sept. 22:  National White Chocolate Day

Sept. 22:  American Business Women’s Day

Sept. 22:  Dear Diary Day

Sept. 22:  National Ice Cream Cone Day

Sept. 22:  Elephant Appreciation Day

Sept. 23:  National Checkers Day

Sept. 23:  National Dogs in Politics Day

Sept. 23:  Celebrate Bisexuality Day

Sept. 24:  National Punctuation Day

Sept. 24:  Kiss Day

Sept. 25:  International Ataxia Awareness Day

Sept. 25:  National Comic Book Day

Sept. 25:  National One Hit Wonder Day

Sept. 26:  Johnny Appleseed Day 

Sept. 26:  National Pancake Day

Sept. 27:  Happy Birthday, Google!

Sept. 28:  National Drink Beer Day

Sept. 28:  National Good Neighbor Day

Sept. 29:  National Coffee Day

Sept. 29:  World Heart Day

Sept. 29:  All Angels Day

Sept. 29:  Happy Goose Day

Sept.  30: National Mulled Cider Day

Sept.  30: Chewing Gum Day

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