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National Bagelfest Day: Mmmm

If you love the smell of fresh-baked bread, and who doesnt, it's your lucky day! July 26 is National Bagelfest Day, an annual food holiday celebrating those crunchy-on-the-outside yet chewy-on-the-inside bagels.

It all started nearly 90 years ago when Harry Lender made bagels in his garage in Connecticut. Later, the “father of the frozen bagels” opened the first bagel bakery on the east coast. Today, the company owns the world’s largest bagel factory located in Mattoon, Illinois. Murray Lender, owner of Lender’s Bagels, began Bagelfest in Mattoon in 1986 when he offered a free bagel breakfast to the town. Since then, thousands of folks flock to the annual three day Mattoon Bagelfest held in July for loads of fun, entertainment, crafts and great food!

In honor of National Bagelfest Day, why not whip up one or two delish bagel dishes?

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