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'Hoppy' National Lager Day

Have you heard the latest “buzz?” If you need a little something to get you into the holiday “spirit,” go grab your glass. A very refreshing "holiday" is here and Americans are more than ready to celebrate! Dec. 10 is National Lager Day, an annual “holiday” that celebrates the crisp, smooth and refreshing type of beer known as Lager.

Derived from the German word “lager” which means “to store," Lager is the most consumed type of beer in the world and is the favorite type of beer for most American adults, according to a 2013survey. While ales are brewed with top-fermenting yeast and age quickly at warmer temperatures, lagers are a light-bodied beer made by bottom fermentation that requires cooler temperatures and longer periods to mature. Back in the day, before modern-day refrigeration, German brewers would cool their beer in caves or in hillside cellars in order to keep the lager nice and cool.

Whether you consider yourself a novice, weekend warrior or a beer connoisseur today is the perfect day to raise your glass and celebrate an ice cold brew! "Hoppy" holidays!

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