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  • Writer's pictureJace Shoemaker-Galloway

Humbug Day

With Christmas just days away, many people are feeling the stress of the holidays! While yesterday was all about singing joyful Christmas carols, today is another day altogether! For all you Oscars, Scrooges and Grinches out there, today may just be your (un)lucky day! Dec. 21 is Humbug Day!

This annual “holiday” was created by the folks at Wellcat in an effort to let everyone vent their frustrations and blow off some holiday steam! But according to the rules, a person is only allowed 12 bah-humbugs during the 24 hour celebration so use sparingly!

So move over, Santa! And all you grumblers, groaners and moaners take note. Whether you are wrapping up those last-minute gifts, standing in long lines at the mall or fighting the crowds in busy bus terminals or airports, today is the perfect day to get your Ebenezer on! Just remember, tomorrow you must return to your old, cheery self!

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