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Happy Festivus: It's Festivus for the Rest of Us!

With the big holiday just days away, some folks are celebrating another lesser-known holiday. Dec. 23 is Festivus, an annual, non-denominational “holiday” made famous by one of America’s best-loved television sitcoms.

Cotchety Frank Costanza, played by actor/writer/producer Jerry Stiller, first celebrated Festivus during “The Strike” episode that aired on Seinfeld back in 1997 and folks have been celebrating Festivus ever since! While this quirky holiday really took off after the Seinfeld episode aired, Festivus was actually “invented” by the father of one of the Seinfeld writers. Dan O’Keefe Sr., is credited with creating the holiday decades ago.

Just in case you are planning to celebrate, there are several traditions associated with the Festivus holiday:

  • Instead of the traditional Christmas tree, Festivus celebrators revel around theFestivus Pole, an unadorned, aluminum pole. No decorations allowed.

  • Instead of turkey or ham, folks enjoy a less traditional fare. Festivus-goers enjoy theFestivus Feast, which consists of, well, just about anything except for ham or turkey. Dessert consists of Festivus Fruitcake, which is not eaten.

  • Instead of eating the fruitcake, it is simply on display and is saved from year to year.

  • Instead of honoring the miracle of baby Jesus or being thankful for the many blessings in our lives, Festivus celebrates something else. During the Airing of Grievances portion of the event, participants discuss how much others have disappointed them during the past year.

  • The holiday is officially over when a holiday participant pins the head-of-the-household during a wrestling match after dinner during the Feats of Strength.

  • “Festivus for the rest of us” is the mantra for Festivus fans!

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