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National Tooth Fairy Day

This annual "holiday" celebrates one of children's most beloved visitors, the Tooth Fairy. While Santa Claus brings gifts and the Easter Bunny brings eggs of all shapes and sizes, the Tooth Fairy has a pretty popular arrangement with children all over the world.

When a baby tooth falls out, either on its own or with a little help, children simply place the tooth underneath their pillow. Once the child is fast asleep, the Tooth Fairy will make a special trip in the dark of night, pick up the tooth and leave a little gift in its place, which is typically some hard-earned cash! Today also serves as a reminder for parents to encourage children to take care of their teeth and keep them in tip-top shape.

While many folks around the world know the importance of the 3 R's, surely the wise and magical Tooth Fairy recycles and reuses all those pearly whites?

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