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National Specially-abled Pets Day

When it comes to special holidays, May 3 is the cat's meow and top dog! It's National Specially-abled Pets Day (NSAPD), an annual "howliday" launched by animal advocate, author and pet lifestyle expert, Colleen Paige.

Whether Fido or Fluffy has hearing or vision loss, a chronic illness that requires TLC or is missing a paw or two due to an injury, many are often overlooked due to their "special needs." But with the advances in medicine and technology, many of these amazing animals will go on to live long, full lives - if they'd only get the chance.

Please consider opening your heart and your home by adopting a specially-abled pet from yourlocal shelter or Humane Society. Give Fido and/or Fluffy the "furever" home he or she deserves - before it's too late!

May 3 is also Paranormal Day

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