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National Beer Lover's Day: Cheers!

Get ready to raise your glass, America! Sept. 7 is one of the best beverage days of the year. Hip "hops" hooray - It's National Beer Lover's Day in the U.S.A!

The annual holiday was created by Foodimentary creator, John-Bryan Hopkins. In an online interview, Hopkins said he actually came up with the idea on a whim a few years ago. While others were busy celebrating National Acorn Squash Day on Sept. 7, Hopkins felt like having a beer and National Beer Lover's Day became an annual celebration.

Whether you consider yourself a novice, connoisseur or just enjoy a good brew every now-and-then, today's beer is a popular American drink available in a slew of refreshing varieties. Typically comprised of four main ingredients, did you know this alcoholic beverage actually contains more than 90 percent water?

In honor of National Beer Lover's Day, why not try out that new beer you've been eyeing, visit a local brewery, stop by your favorite pub or host a backyard bash with a few of your favorite BFFs? And just in case you get hungry - Sept. 7 is also Salami Day. Cheers!

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