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National Suspenders Day

James Bond and Gordon Gekko wore them. Larry King was famous for his. What are they? On the “heels” of Wear Something Gaudy Day and Dress Like a Dork Day, October 20 is National Suspenders Day!

While the origins of this fashion-inspired holiday are unknown, the modern day suspenders were “Invented” in the 1820s by Albert Thurston. These once popular clothing accessories, sometimes referred to as braces, also served an important purpose.

Constructed from straps of fabric or leather, suspenders slip over the shoulders and attach to trousers with clips or buttons to keep trousers from falling down and to keep them in their proper place. While suspenders may not be the “in” thing today, suspenders can be worn by men, women and children.

In honor of National Suspenders Day, now is the perfect time to dust off the old suspenders and strap on a pair! And just in case you’ve been celebrating National Brandied Fruit Day a bit too much today, at least you won’t have to worry about your pants falling down!


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