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Worldwide Howl at the Moon Night

With Halloween right around the corner, October 26 is a doozy of a “howliday”. Not only is it National Pumpkin Day and National Mule Day, it is also Worldwide Howl at the Moon Night, also referred to as Howl at the Moon Day! But no matter what you call it, it’s all about howling!

If you’ve ever gone camping or spent the night in the great outdoors, you may have heard a howling wolf during the evening hours. While wolves do howl at night, experts say there is no connection between the wolf’s howl and the moon. Wolves are nocturnal and they communicate with other members of the pack by using their voices. While they may appear to be howling at the moon, their howling actually has nothing to do with the moon. When they raise their heads in an upward fashion, their howls carry a longer distance – up to 6 miles in the forest and 10 miles in an area without trees.

Now that’s really something to howl about! And tonight is the perfect night to try it yourself!

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