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Use Less Stuff Day

It’s time to talk trash! Millions of Americans are scouring the Black Friday ads searching for the biggest bang for their holiday bucks in preparation of the big shopping extravaganza,another special of the year reminds consumers that sometimes less is actually more! Use Less Stuff Day is an annual holiday that can help save you money and help save the earth and is observed on the Thursday before Thanksgiving.

Created in 1994 by Robert Lilienfeld and William Rathje, Use Less Stuff Day was created to raise awareness about the amount of garbage that is produced each year during the holiday season. Between the pretty Christmas wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, greeting cards and boxes, Americans throw out about 25 percent more trash, or about 25 million tons, during the Thanksgiving and New Year's holidays. While reducing, recycling and reusing does impact our overcrowded landfills, there just may be another alternative.

While reducing the amount of garbage you toss out is one way to observe Use Less Stuff Day, you can also “celebrate” the occasion by doing other things as well. Check out these tip top tips for using less and saving more!

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