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World Hello Day

​​ Hello! Today is World Hello Day, an annual "holiday" that promotes peace by encouraging people around the globe to "greet 10 people for peace." For more than 40 years, people all around the globe from 180 countries have celebrated World Hello Day on Nov. 21.

Brian McCormack and Michael McCormack created the event back in the early 70s during the Egypt and Israel conflict. Since then, many world leaders, politicians and celebrities, including President Bill Clinton, President Ronald Reagan, President Jimmy Carter, President Gerald Ford, Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa, have written letters of support for World Hello Day. In 1992, former Secretary of State, Colin Powell said,:

"Some people think of hello as just a word of greeting, but it can be much more. It serves as a door through which to gain access to greater understanding among peoples and nations as we continue the quest for world peace."


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