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Santa's List Day

OK, boys and girls. Today is the big day! In fact, it's one of the biggest, most important days of the entire year! According to unidentified elf sources, the origins of this particular “holiday” got its start somewhere in the North Pole.

Dec. 4 is Santa’s List Day, the day Santa Claus decides which “list” will have your name on it. Have you been naughty this year or nice? It’s time to fess up and pay the piper! And when it comes to list-making, Santa doesn’t make mistakes. He always double-checks his work!

While millions of children all over the world will certainly make Santa’s nice list this year, other children won’t be so lucky. Instead of waking up to a slew of beautifully wrapped gifts under the family Christmas tree, naughty children will receive a lump of coal. And who wants a lump of coal?

It’s important to be nice all year long, not just during the holiday season. Be kind to your parents, your brothers and sisters, friends, teachers and classmates. Be courteous, respectful and helpful all year ‘round. Because someone way up north is watching.

Santa's List Day is also a reminder for children to get that completed Christmas gift wish list off to Jolly Old Saint Nick – pronto! This is the busy season for those who live and work in the North Pole and time’s a-wastin'!

Dec. 4 is also National Cookie Day. Sweet!

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