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National Regifting Day

If you have ever received a Christmas gift that you can’t wear, can’t use, don't like or have no idea what the heck it is, you’re in luck! It's National Regifting Day! Just in time to coincide with all those office parties, this annual “holiday” has been celebrated on the Thursday before Christmas or the third Thursday in December since 2006.

While it is certainly true that it's the thought that counts, most of us have received gifts over the years that are still hidden away in that overcrowded dark closet, collecting dust. That's where regifting comes in! Regifting is giving a gift you received to someone else, usaually without telling them the gift was intended for you. The phrase became popular when it was used in the Label Maker episode on the popular television series, Seinfeld.

With high unemployment and a sour economy, it has become more commonplace to recycle those present you don’t like or need. Once considered downright tacky, 60 percent of people now think regifting is more acceptable than it once was. Whew! Besides saving money, recycling and reusing gifts – or most products for that matter- help reduce waste in our overcrowded landfills.

Regifting Rules:

  • Make sure the item is in new condition and is in its original packaging.

  • Make sure you give the gift to someone who will actually use or appreciate it.

  • Don’t forget to take your name off of the gift before you give it to someone else!

  • If you can’t think of anyone who can use the gift, why not Freecycle it to someone who can really use it or donate the item to your favorite charity?

  • Although some "experts" do not recommend giving a used gift, if someone has a genuine need, why not? If you have a “gently loved” gift that is collecting dust and you are certain someone can use it, be honest. Tell them you wore or used the item once or twice but simply have no need for it and if they are interested in it, it’s theirs!

  • Finally, do not make the mistake of giving the gift to the person who gave it to you in the first place! Awkward!

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