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Bake Cookies Day

If your sweet tooth is aching for a sweet treat to eat, go grab your apron! Just in time for the holidays, today is Bake Cookies Day! Whether you celebrate Christmas,Hanukkah or Kwanza, nothing quite says the holidays like a delicious batch of homemade cookiesbaking in the oven. While the origins of this annual “holiday” are unknown, Bake Cookies Day is celebrated every Dec. 18.

And you don't need to be an experienced chef or decorator extraordinaire to bake cookies either. Many are simple to make and fun to decorate. And homemade cookies make affordable holiday gifts too! So in honor of this yearly event, why not gather up the kiddies and whip up a great big batch of your favorite cookies or try one or two delicious cookie recipes? Just be sure to tell the kids official taste testers and decorators are needed in the kitchen - pronto!

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