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National Daiquiri Day: Cheers!

If you need a little something to whet your whistle during these scorching summer days, you’re in luck! July 19 is one of the most refreshing “holidays” of the year – it’s National Daiquiri Day!

The Delicious Daiquiri

Legend has it that Jennings Stockton Cox, an American mining engineer, actually "invented" the drink back in 1898 in Daiquiri, Cuba. Folks have been sippin’ on daiquiris ever since! Rumored to be Ernest Hemingway’s drink of choice and a favorite of President John F. Kennedy, daiquiris continue to be the cocktail of choice for many. Whether you prefer yours frozen or on the rocks or shaken or stirred, today’s daiquiris are available in all sorts of delicious flavors and consistencies.

In honor of the occasion, why not whip up one or two daiquiri-inspired drinks to get into the holiday "spirit?"

National Daiquiri Day

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