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National KidsDay

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When it comes to special people in our lives, the first Sunday in August celebrates many of them. Not only is it Friendship Day and Sister's Day, it also is National KidsDay!

Launched in 1994 by children’s charity organization KidsPeace, the annual event celebrates and honors America’s children. Many parents are often overworked, underpaid and lead stressful and busy lives. Children are the most precious aspect of our lives, but in the hustle-and-bustle of daily life, children may feel left out. National KidsDay, observed on the first Sunday in August, encourages parents, grandparents, teachers and caregivers to take a break and spend more quality and meaningful time with America’s children.

The yearly event serves as an important reminder to adults that children not only need our love and commitment, but need our time as well. Children grow up so fast. Before you know it, they will be out of the house and living on their own. Take advantage of the precious time you have together before it’s too late.

How to Celebrate National KidsDay

  • Whip up your kids’ favorite batch of cookies or sweet treats in honor of their special day.

  • Make it movie night and get a few of the kids’ favorite flicks. Don’t forget their favorite snack!

  • Take the kids to their favorite park or museum.

  • Turn off the phones, mobile devices and computers and tell the kids they have your undivided attention for the entire day! Then do it!

  • Serve them breakfast in bed.

  • If you have teenagers, surprise them with a washed and waxed vehicle or fill up the tank!

  • Replace your profile picture on Twitter or Facebook with an image of your kids.

Happy National KidsDay! The first Sunday in August is also Friendship Day and Sister's Day.

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