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Eat an Extra Dessert Day

When it comes to delicious holidays, today takes the cake! If you’re sweet tooth is aching for a sweet treat to eat, grab your fork! Sept. 4 is Eat an Extra Dessert Day! While the origins are unknown, the “inventor” of this delicious holiday deserves a great big medal!

Whether you have a hankerin’ for a piece of decadent chocolate, a scoop of cool and refreshing ice cream, a slice of rich and creamy cheesecake or a great bigpiece of homemade pie, today is the perfect opportunity to satisfy that craving! Not only can you enjoy one portion of your favorite dessert, today you can enjoy an extra piece without any of the guilt! But you better hurry! When word gets out, chances are pretty good there won’t be any leftovers!

Today is also National Wildlife Day.

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