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Happy Go Caroling Day: Spread holiday cheer with the sounds of Christmas

If you need a little help getting in the holiday spirit, you’re in luck. Dec. 20 is all about the sounds of music. While the origins are unknown, it’s Go Caroling Day, an annual holiday that celebrates caroling.

While not as popular as it once was, folks have been spreading holiday cheer by caroling for centuries. Saint Francis of Assisi is credited as the person who began the Christmas caroling tradition back in the 1200s. Instead of singing solemn hymns during the holidays, he wanted more joyful and merry songs to reflect the true reason for the season. Saint Francis was also the “inventor” of the first live nativity scene. Often dressed in period costumes, festive carolers have continued that long-ago tradition by traveling door-to-door, belting out those sentimental, traditional and entertaining holiday tunes despite wicked weather.

Whether you carol with friends, family or members from your church, why not spread some holiday cheer this year? Why not start a new tradition and visit a local nursing home or retirement center and sing a few songs to folks who are unable to celebrate with loved ones?

And speaking of holiday spirits, Dec. 20 is also National Sangria Day!

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