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National Eggnog Day: Cheers!

Hip hip hooray - today is National Eggnog Day! While its origins are unknown, National Eggnog Day, is an annual holiday celebrated every Dec. 24, which just so happens to be Christmas Eve (and Santa Claus Day.)

Whether you spell it “egg nog” or “eggnog”, this popular holiday beverage is traditionally made out of milk, cream, sugar, eggs and a blend of delicious spices. But some people prefer their rich-and-creamy beverage to include a bit more holiday "spirit" with an added splash or two of rum, brandy, wine or even beer. In fact, rumor has it President George Washington had a hankerin’ for eggnog.

As the hustle-and-bustle of another holiday season comes to a end and with Santa making final preparations, now it's your turn to sit back and enjoy your hard work with a lovely glass of rich and creamy eggnog. In honor of National Eggnog Day, check out these delicious eggnog recipes listed below. Whether you prefer your nog made from scratch or with store-bought eggnog, why not try one or two new recipes with or without alcohol? Cheers!

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