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National Joe Day: Famous Joes

March 27 celebrates several non-traditional holidays. Not only is it Viagra Day and Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day, March 27 is also National Joe Day and/or International Joe Day! No "jo-ke!"

While the origins of this annual holiday are unknown, chances are pretty good someone named Joe came up with the idea! Whether you enjoy the day by drinking a steamin' cup of Joe or celebrate with all your friends named Joe, today is dedicated to all things Joe!

Joseph is one of America's most beloved names. Many actors, sports legends, politicians, phrases and establishments have had the popular moniker. According to Baby Name Facts, Joseph was the fifth most popular name in America during the early 1900s. In 2011, the name ranked 22nd in popularity.

Famous & Infamous Joes

  • Joseph - Bible

  • Vice President Joe Biden

  • Joseph Lieberman - politician

  • Joe Stalin - Soviet Union Premier

  • Joltin' Joe DiMaggio - baseball legend, married to Marilyn Monroe

  • "Broadway Joe" Namath - football player

  • Joe Theismann - football player/actor

  • Joe Montana - football player

  • "Shoeless Joe" Jackson - baseball player

  • Joe Frazier - boxing champion/actor

  • Joe Paterno - disgraced college football coach

  • Joe Giradi - baseball player

  • Joey Bishop - actor/comedian

  • Joe Pesci - actor

  • Joe Don Baker - actor

  • Joe Penny - actor

  • Joey Lawrence - actor/producer

  • Joe Piscopo - actor/writer

  • Joseph Fiennes - actor/director/producer

  • Joe Simpson - father of Ashley and Jessica Simpson

  • Joe Mantegna - actor/producer/director

  • Joseph Bologna - actor/writer/director

  • Joseph Bottoms - actor

  • Joe Costner - actor and son of Kevin Costner

  • Joseph Kennedy - father of John F. Kennedy

  • Joe Cocker - singer

  • Joe Walsh - Eagles guitarist

  • Joey Fatone - 'N Sync singer/actor

  • Joe Jonas - singer/actor

  • Joe Perry - Aerosmith guitarist/songwriter

  • Joseph Barbera - cartoonist/producer/writer

  • Joe Cool

  • Joe Blow

  • Joey Buttafuoco - known for his highly publicized affair with Amy Fisher, who shot Buttafuoco's wife

  • Joe Schmo

  • G.I. Joe

  • Joe the Plumber

  • Jos E. Banks

  • Joe Mama

  • Cup of Joe

  • Trader Joes

  • Sloppy Joe

Happy National Joe Day!

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