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Weed Appreciation Day: Celebrating a less-popular type of weed

When it comes to unusual holidays, this one takes the cake! Not to be confused with the "highly" popular 4/20 Day, March 28 is Weed Appreciation Day, an annual event that "celebrates" a different type of less-popular "weed."

Weeds are types of unwanted plants that grow and reproduce aggressively and inhibit the growth of flowers and plants. Weeds seem to crop up in our flower beds, gardens and yards the moment we turn our backs. Inclement weather or lousy soil does not deter them. Pulling them, cutting them or spraying them doesn't seem to help for long either. No matter what we do, weeds seem to overtake our beautifully manicured lawns no matter how fast we mow it or hoe it! And some weeds have extensive roots systems, making eradication nearly impossible.

Although many of us consider weeds a nuisance, they do have a few benefits. According to a School of Biological Sciences study in the United Kingdom, weeds play an important role in attracting and feeding birds and may be a "key to farm biodiversity." The study found that weeds provide food to animals and insects. Most of the high-quality bird food found on the ground was from weeds. Weeds also provide shelter for some animals. And some weeds may actually benefit the soil.

But love 'em or hate 'em, most of us will probably have to find a way to control them in our neck-of-the-woods because chances are good, they are here to stay.

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