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National Weed Day: 420 marijuana ‘holidaze’ is literally going to pot

Have you heard the latest "buzz?" A “highly” anticipated global event is here and folks around the world are more than ready to celebrate. (Parents and baby-boomers take note – your kids may know more about this occasion than you do!)

This annual holiday is going to pot – literally. April 20 is one of the most popular “holidaze” celebrated by marijuana enthusiasts far and wide. It’s National Pot Smokers Day, also “refer-ed” to 420, 4/20 Day, National Pot Smoking Day, Weed Day or National Smoke Weed Day (you get the drift, right?)

420 Origins

Just in case you are wondering where “420” got its name, you aren't alone. While the origins of this "holiday" are a bit, well, foggy, National Pot Smoking Day celebrates Cannabis sativa and there is some debate as to the origins of the term "4/20."

Some believe the term originally came from a police radio code dispatch or Section 420 in the California Penal Code. Others speculated 420 is the number of chemical compounds found in marijuana. Could it have something to do with Hitler’s birthday? But most “experts” believe the term was actually coined by a group of pot-smoking teens from San Rafael High School back in the 1970s. 420 served as a reminder to the group, who called themselves the Waldos, as to the time they were to light up - 4:20 - just in case they forgot! Today the occasion occurs on April 20, the 20th day in the fourth month of the year and many light up at exactly 4:20.

Today, thousands of people around the world will be tokin’ and smokin’ the event by attending pro-pot protests, peaceful rallies, smoke-outs and marches. Party on!


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