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St. Patrick's Day: Green Beer Cheer

The big day is finally here! Whether you are planning a great big bash or small get-together with your favorite Leprechauns, now is the time to start planning for the fun March 17 festivities. It's St. Patrick's Day!

Along with corned beef and wearing green, nothing quite says St. Patrick’s Day like indulging on a wee bit of green beer. In fact, green beer remains a tradition in many homes and pubs. But just in case you don’t happen to be a big beer fan, no worries. There are plenty of amazing cocktails that are sure to tickle your Irish fancy.

How to Make Green Beer

  • How to Make Green Beer - While many fine folks just add a drop or two of food coloring to their favorite brew, you may end up with a drink that just isn’t very appealing. Believe it or not, the Leprechaun’s assure us there is a method in getting the biggest bang for your beer buck – along with a little bit of Irish luck!

And speaking of infamous green beverages - be sure to check out the Green Fairy! As always - please drink responsibly.

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