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Make Up Your Own Holiday Day: Weird & wacky holiday ideas

After writing thousands of articles about traditional and unusual holiday events over the years, many people want to know who comes up with these offbeat, wacky “holidays?” Good question! What if you could create your very own special day of the year that everyone celebrated? Here’s your chance.

March 26 is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day! Hooray! This very special day, launched by the folks at the Wellness Permission League, is celebrated annually on March 26th.

So go ahead – get those creative juices flowing and make up your very own holiday. Share it here, post it on Facebook, Tweet it and maybe “someone” will be writing all about it next year!

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day Suggestions:

  • Hug a Grump Day

  • National All About Me Day

  • 50 and Fabulous Day

  • 60 and Still Sexy Day

  • Have a Nice Day Day

  • National Free Pizza Day

  • Free Cheesecake Day

  • Free Movie Day

  • Take the Day Off Work Day

  • Take This Job and Shove It Day

  • No Bosses Allowed Day

  • I Deserve a Raise Day

  • Pick It Day

  • Trim Your Nose-Hairs Day

  • Shave Your Armpits Day

  • Scrub It Day

  • Don’t Shave Your Legs Month

  • National Cat Lady Day

  • Free Animal Adoption Day

  • No Makeup Day

  • Bottom’s Up Day

  • Are We Havin’ Fun Yet Day

  • Disco Dancing Day

  • Bell-Bottoms Day

  • Party Like a Rock Star Day

  • Wild & Crazy Day

  • X Marks the Spot Day

  • Rub It In Day

  • Turn the Other Cheek Day

  • Get Over It Day

  • Mind Your Own Business Day

  • I Don't Feel Like It Day

  • Buzz Off Day

Share your idea(s) for your special holiday below! You never know! Today is also National Spinach Day!

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