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National Cake Decorating Day

When it comes to October holidays, Oct. 10 is the icing on the cake! Literally! Not only is it National Angel Food Cake Day, it's also National Cake Decorating Day! Sweet!

Whether you consider yourself a novice, pro or somewhere in between, today is the perfect time to try your “hand” at sprucing up an otherwise ho-hum cake. Whether you use homemade frosting or store-bought, sparkly sprinkles, colorful candies or other fun decorations, you can go all out and create an elaborate design or plain and simple. The sky is the limit when it comes to cake decorating! And with Halloween right around the corner, why not whip up a creepy cake or some boo-tiful cupcakes perfect for the occasion?

You really don't have to be a talented artist to create a pretty cake. If a whole cake is just too big to tackle, why not try decorating a smaller version instead? In honor of National Cake Decorating Day, now you really can have your (decorated) cake and eat it too!


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