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National Irish Coffee Day

If the winter blues have got you down-and-out, how does a warm and tasty beverage sound right about now? If you're in the mood to tickle your taste buds, go grab your biggest mug. Jan. 25 is National Irish Coffee Day and Americans are ready to celebrate! This annual holiday celebrates Irish Coffee, a popular cocktail typically made with black coffee, sugar, whipped cream and Irish whiskey.

Folks have been enjoying Irish Coffee for decades. Legend has it that restaurant owner/bartender Joe Sheridan invented the tasty beverage in Ireland back in 1942 for a group of cold and weary travelers. He described his drink as "cream as rich as an Irish brogue, coffee as strong as a friendly hand, sugar sweet as the tongue of a rouge and whiskey smooth as the wit of the land" and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today is also National Opposite Day - or is it?

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