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Laugh and Get Rich Day

When it comes to special days, Feb. 8 is the cat's meow. It's Laugh and Get Rich Day. No fooling!

Can I be frank? Many of us are overworked, underpaid and just plain stressed out! Many of us live from paycheck to paycheck and paying our bills is a constant worry and juggling act. Can you imagine how it would feel to no longer worry about how you were going to come up with enough cash to pay those never-ending bills? And while you're at it - just imagine having a job you actually love - where going to work is fun and doesn't feel like work. While money may not be able to buy happiness, it sure can make life a whole lot easier.

Today is the perfect day to buy a lottery ticket, apply for that job you've always wanted or move forward with that handy-dandy product you've invented. Who knows - you just may be laughing all the way to bank?

Feb. 8 is also Kite Flying Day Go fly a kite!

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