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Single Tasking Day: It's time to tackle one task at a time

Attention multi-taskers. If doing more than one thing at a time is part of your daily routine, hold on to your keyboard, telephone, handy-dandy gadget and/or mobile device. It's Single Tasking Day, an annual "holiday" that encourages folks to slow down and tackle one thing at a time.

While some observe the event on February 21, the Chase Calendar celebrates Single Tasking Day on February 19th. But regardless which day you celebrate, can you imagine what life would be like if you could complete one task at a time? No more trying to finish 20 things at once.

Let's be honest. Most of us are overworked, underpaid and over-stressed. There simply is not enough time in the day to get everything done. The thought of being able to actually complete a thought, a sentence, a task, project or activity without interruption, sounds absolutely divine! Researchers have found that the human brain is unable to focus on two or more tasks at once. And studies suggest multi-tasking actually lowers productivity. Being able to take your time to do one thing at a time means less stress and fewer mistakes.

If only every day could be Single Tasking Day.

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