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Lips Appreciation Day: Pucker Up!

There are thin ones, plump ones, pouty ones and wet ones. There are red ones, pink ones, glossy ones and natural ones. No matter which ones you were born with or prefer, today is all about those luscious, kissable lips! While fads come and go, there is one special day a year that celebrates lips. March 16 is Lips Appreciation Day!

Lips are one of the first features we notice on another person's face so it's important to keep them looking healthy and kissable. Lips are very vulnerable to drying out. Research suggests that you can lose up to 10 times more moisture through your lips than anywhere else! Whether you’ve had a little “help” in the lip department or prefer the “au natural” look, it’s important to take care of them especially after the dry and cold winter months.

Take care of those lips and pucker up! Happy Lips Appreciation Day! And speaking of special days, March 16 is also Everything You Do is Right Day!

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