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Viral Video Day

April 29 is Viral Video Day, an annual "holiday" created by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway, a freelance writer who has written thousands of articles covering all sorts of traditional, unusual and downright wacky holidays.

Viral videos are short video clips that catapult to popularity by sharing through social media or email. And thanks to the advances in technology and the availability of video cams on cell phones and digital cameras, creating short video clips are simple and affordable to make.

Whether used as a political or marketing tool or to capture an important event or popular dance craze, the most popular viral videos often inspire or educate us, touch our hearts, make us laugh or even make us cry.

While some of these popular videos star celebs, politicians or famous people, many of the most popular viral videos feature animals, children and everyday, ordinary people. Although there doesn't appear to be any magical formula to determine which videos will go viral and create the most buzz, some lucky folks who post their videos on video sharing sites can make some pretty nice cashola. And some viral videos become so popular, even Hollywood comes-a-calling!

Viral Video Day not only celebrates the best viral videos of the past, but also encourages folks across the country to create their own original content. Join in on the celebration by sharing your favorite viral videos of all time or creating your own video and sharing it en masse.

So go ahead - take your best "shot." Who knows? Maybe your video will rise to viral video stardom and become the next viral phenom?

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