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National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Have you heard the latest “scoop?” Get ready to scream for ice cream, folks. Besides celebrating a legendary American frontiersman, today is also National Chocolate Ice Cream Day! While the origins of this delightful food holiday are unknown, this annual event is celebrated every year on June 7.

With the kids home from school, now is the time to plan that perfect summertime treat to eat. And with the official beginning of summer right around the corner, many are anticipating another hot summer. And nothing quite beats the heat like cool and creamy ice cream!

Whether you prefer the soft-serve or regular variety, chances are pretty good you don’t need much arm-twisting or leg-pulling to indulge in a bite or two of refreshingly cool, creamy and chocolaty ice cream especially on a hot and humid day. Served in a crispy cone, nice tall glass, great big bowl or straight out of the box, ice cream is pretty hard to resist on a sticky, hot summer's day.

In honor of National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, why not check out one or two of the following ice cream recipes? And if dairy or eggs are an issue in your family – no worries. Some of the recipes are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without the worries. Like the saying goes - you scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream and the more chocolaty the better, right?

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