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If you are a fan of this website, you know we celebrate all sorts of wild and wacky events. From delicious food and refreshing beverage holidays to interesting people, amazing inventions and historical events, today celebrates something that not only is considered bad netiquette, but is considered shouting and downright rude. A special, tongue-in-cheek holiday is here and folks around the world are ready to celebrate. June 28 is International Caps Lock Day, an annual “holiday” that shines the spotlight on those annoying messages that are written, typed or texted in all capitalized letters.

Derek Arnold created the occasion in 2000 as a way to shine the spotlight and have a little fun with the folks who texted, emailed or posted messages in all caps. According to Arnold, “It is advised to laugh at anyone who invokes this day as an excuse to dismiss local typographical conventions: they are simply making an ass out of themselves.”

In fact, the event became so popular, it is observed twice a year now – originally observed on October 22 and today – to commemorate the death of the popular infomercial king, Billy Mays. While today encourages folks to go ahead and tap the Caps Lock key, just be aware that typing messages in all caps may totally tick off your recipients. So go ahead, and shout it out loud. Happy International Caps Lock Day!

And speaking of special - today is also National Tapioca Day! Enjoy.

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