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It's Tell the Truth Day: No Lie!

When it comes to holidays, July 7 has a little something for everyone. Not only is it National Macaroni Day and the decadent and delicious Chocolate Day, it’s also Tell the Truth Day. No lie! Not to be confused with National Honesty Day or Tell a Lie Day, the origins of this annual “holiday” are unknown

The Truth About Lying

Let’s be honest. We’ve all been deceptive and deliberately untruthful at some point in our lives. Whether we’ve told a little white lie to spare someone’s feelings or told a great big whopper of a tale, Tell the Truth Day encourages and reminds folks to tell the truth. Honest engine!

Chances are pretty good many of us have been dishonest with our parents, teachers, friends, boss and/or our significant other. While most condemn lying, the “average” person lies several times per day, according to Psychology Today.

There are different types of liars. A sociopath uses charm and charisma to manipulate in order to reach his or her goal with little respect for other’s feelings. But when lying becomes habit and second nature, he or she is considered a compulsive liar, also referred to as a chronic, habitual or pathological liar. He or she lies about anything. Telling the truth feels uncomfortable while lying is comfortable. Sound like anyone you know?

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