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National Nude Day: It's Time to Get Naked!

When it comes to non-traditional holidays, this one is a doozey! It’s time to put on your birthday suit, America! July 14 is National Nude Day.

For all those who love to strut their stuff, an entire week is dedicated to being nude – during the annual Nude Recreation Week. This annual event, which began in 1976, celebrates “naturism around the world and an opportunity to encourage first-timers to enjoy clothes-free relaxation.”

How to Celebrate 'In the Buff'

  • While some may celebrate this particular “holiday” by reflecting on the human body in all its glory, others may prefer to celebrate by taking a dip in the "altogether" in the back yard pool or pond. It’s time to get your skinny dip on!

  • National Nude Day also provides the perfect excuse to visit that "clothing optional" beach you’ve been thinking about and become a real “beach bum!” Now you can finally get rid of those ugly tan lines while enjoying a relaxing day in the sun at a nude beach! Don't be shy - here's your chance to take it all off and cool down during the dog days of summer.

  • Surprise your significant other on National Nude Day by answering the door naked! Show off your God-given talents and take it all off - just make sure he or she is alone before you open the door!


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