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National Lipstick Day: Pucker Up!

OK, ladies. Get ready to pucker up! This holiday is for you! Whether you prefer pale pink, ruby red, peach or nude, July 29 is National Lipstick Day! Women have been wearing lipstick for centuries. It is believed Cleopatra wore red lipstick made from crushed beetles and ants!

Lipstick has sure come a long way since then. Today’s lip products are not only available in all sorts of pigments and flavors, but are available in a variety of formations including sticks, glosses, glazes and balms. Besides adding a splash of color, some lip products include anti-oxidants, emollients and offer sun-protection as well. After all, healthy lips are more kissable, right?

A little bit of lipstick brightens up your entire face. While lip products are available in many shades, finding just the right color for your skin tone is paramount. The wrong color can make you look older and washed out.

Because our lips thin as we age, many women long for a fuller, sexier, more “pouty” look and full lips are "in." While cosmetic fillers are one option to having a fuller lip, some lip products claim to plump the lips and make them appear fuller.

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