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World Cat Day: 'Purrfect Howliday' Celebrates World's Most Popular Pet

Have you heard the latest “mews?” When it comes to special days of the year, this particular occasion is simply “purrfect!” Aug. 8 is World Cat Day, also known as International Cat Day. Launched in 2002 by various animal rights groups and the International Fund for Animal Welfare, the annual event shines the spotlight on fabulous felines.

Cats have been roaming the earth for thousands of years and today is considered the world’s most popular pet. Loving lap cat or aloof, these mysterious, elegant and amazing creatures are self-reliant and live by their own rules. Did you know “owning” a pet is good for your health? Pets have been shown to reduce stress and blood pressure and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Cat owners are less likely to die of a heart attack or stroke than those who don’t have cats. While some may complain researchers are “barking up the wrong tree,” a recent studyfound that “cat people scored higher on intelligence than dog people!” Plus, cats typically don’t slobber, jump on or hump your guests. Now that’s “ruff!”

While some may celebrate the special occasion by watching all sorts of hilarious and heartwarming videos of kitties or Grumpy Cat on the ‘net, others will celebrate World Cat Day by doing something extra special for Fluffy. Whether it’s a favorite treat to eat, a new toy or some delicious catnip, it’s no wonder felines are the cat’s meow in many households around the world.

But each year, millions of abused, neglected, unloved and unwanted cats end up in shelters through no fault of their own. Many never make it out alive. If you have been considering opening your heart and your home to a four-legged friend, today is the “purrfect” day to head on over to your local shelter and adopt a cat or kitten (or dog). Please consider adopting an animal in need – before it is too late. (Because many animals in pet shops come from puppy mills where animals endure horrific abuse and neglect, adopt - don’t shop.)

Aug. 8 is also National Dollar Day, National Zucchini Day and International Female Orgasm Day.

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