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  • Writer's pictureJace Shoemaker-Galloway

National Lazy Day

When it comes to holidays, today is all about taking things slow. Really, really slow. August 10 is Lazy Day (and National S'mores Day!)

Sometimes referred to as “National Lazy Day,” this annual occasion provides the perfect excuse to sit back and enjoy life. While a good portion of the country is experiencing wacky weather, today is a great time to do absolutely nothing. Whether you plan on relaxing out by the backyard pool, spending the day binge-watching your favorite television series or spending a quiet afternoon with those near-and-dear to your heart, leave the stress behind and enjoy life a little. Although being lazy is not a good trait or “skill” one should strive for, we all deserve to take a day off from our hectic and stress-filled lives, right?

Tomorrow is back to reality.

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