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It's Vinyl Record Day - Take a trip down memory lane

August 12th is Vinyl Record Day (VRD). Launched in 2002 by Gary Freiberg, the annual event was established to celebrate music and the “cultural influence, records and the cover art of the vinyl records.” VRD also raises awareness on the importance of preserving vinyl records that once played such a pivotal role in American pop culture. And VRD coincides with an important day in history - Thomas Edison invented the phonograph on August 12, 1877.

Before the Internet, iPods, CDs, MTV, cassette tapes and even 8-track tapes, people would hang out at local record stores to check out the newest albums and amazing cover art. Nothing was sweeter than playing that brand new album or 45 on the record player for the very first time and sharing it with friends and loved ones. While the medium has changed over the years, music continues to play a pivotal role in today’s culture.

In honor of Vinyl Record Day, why not take a trip down memory lane? Dust off the old record collection, crank up the record player, listen to a few of your favorite tunes from days-gone-by and get your dance on! Happy Vinyl Record Day!

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