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Middle Child's Day: Celebrating Kids in the Middle

If you are a fan of this website, you know there is a holiday for just about everything under the sun. Today we celebrate the folks stuck in the middle. Aug. 12 is an annual holiday that celebrates the middle child in the family – it’s National Middle Child’s Day or Middle Child's Day. Whether you are one or have kids of your own, being in the middle is not always the best place to be.

Middle Child Syndrome

Some believe birth order, also referred to as ordinal position, can play a pivotal role in the personalities of children. According to the “Middle Child Syndrome,” the first-born child is often regarded as the leader of the pack while the youngest is considered the baby. But the middle child does not receive much attention and often lacks emotional support, resulting in low self-esteem, insecurity and jealousy. Middle children often feel unloved. They can be introverts and loners and often act out to get attention.

Some believe first-born children are often confident and born leaders. Most of the United States presidents were the oldest sibling or the first-born son. Some believe the youngest in the family can be the most outgoing and charming but can also be spoiled.

As parents, we should never compare one child to another – each child is special and unique in his or her own way.

Aug. 12 is also International Youth Day and Vinyl Record Day.

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