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National Holistic Pet Day: Tip-Top Tips to Keep Fido & Fluffy Healthy & Safe

Have you heard the “mews?” On the “heels” of National Dog Day, today is dedicated to those beloved furry friends that are near-and-dear to our hearts. Today is an annual “howliday” that raises awareness about the importance of providing a healthy diet, lifestyle and environment for pets of all shapes, sizes and species. Aug. 30 is National Holistic Pet Day.

While many Americans are making healthier choices, it is so important our pets live healthy lifestyles, too. Take a look at a few healthy lifestyle tips for Fido and Fluffy. Keep your pets in tip-top shape.

The Scoop on Keeping Fido & Fluffy Healthy

  • Food - Have you ever read the label on Fido’s or Fluffy’s food? Why not try a home cooked, raw or limited ingredient meal instead? And speaking of food - did you know some foods, like grapes, raisins and chocolate, are toxic to pets? It goes without saying, clean, fresh water should always be available. Consider investing in a water fountain to encourage drinking.

  • Exercise - Pets need exercise just like we do. While diet and exercise are important, keeping a pet mentally stimulated is also important to a pet’s quality of life.

  • Pet-Proof the Home - Many products around the home are loaded with all sorts of chemicals. Purchase all-natural products like shampoo, treats and supplements instead. Keep human medication away from four-legged friends - some can be lethal. Did you know some plants and flowers are also toxic to pets? Make sure your plants are safe for your pets.

  • Get the Scoop - Consider switching clay-based cat litter to something more natural for kitty. Some litters have more dust than others - which can be problematic for cats with allergies or breathing issues.

  • Microchip - Don't let your pets roam from home. Keep your felines inside and dogs on a leash when outside. Someone left the door open and Fido flew the coop. According to the American Humane Association, less than 20 percent of dogs and only 2 percent of kitties ever find their way back home. While collars with name tags are good, microchipping is an affordable option to help your pet find his way back home (just make sure to register!)

  • Vet Check - Be sure to take your pet in for regular checkups. Are they up-to-date on their immunizations? And don't forget the teeth! And just like humans, pets need regular exercise to keep them in tip-top shape. If your pet is not feeling well - alternative healing therapy options are available today. Please spay and neuter you pets. It is one of the best things you can do for your furry friend and the pet population.

  • Adopt, Don't Shop - There are millions of unwanted, unloved, abused and neglected animals waiting for their once-and-furever homes in shelters across America. Millions are euthanized every year. Please consider donating food or money, becoming a foster pet parent and/or opening your heart and home to an animal in need – before it is too late for these amazing animals.

Pets add so much to our lives; it’s up to us to keep them healthy, happy and safe. Aug. 30 is also National Toasted Marshmallow Day, Frankenstein Day and National Beach Day.

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