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National I Love Food Day

When it comes to delicious food holidays, Sept. 9 takes the cake….and the ice cream….and the fries….and the juicy steak…..and the pasta! If you are a foodie - go grab your fork. It's National I Love Food Day, an annual occasion that celebrates one of life’s most enjoyable pleasures - food!

Whether you have a hankerin’ for something sweet to eat, love to try new things, are a tried-and-true meat-and-potatoes kind of person, are a strict vegetarian or somewhere in-between, food is a large part of our everyday lives. Regardless of our culture or where we live, food is usually front-and-center at all sorts of gatherings – from family reunions, picnics, holiday celebrations and festive parties to bridal showers, weddings and funerals.

Besides water and air, we all need food to survive. Food provides energy to help us grow, stay strong and healthy. And the better we eat, the better we feel.

  • While ice cream or chips and dip may be your preferred “food group,” eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables may protect against certain types of cancers and reduce the risk of heart disease. Veggies and fruit contain essential vitamins, minerals and fiber and most are low in fat and calories.

  • Rich in essential fatty acids, salmon is rich in Vitamin D and Omega-3 which may prevent heart disease, minimize the effects of arthritis and inflammatory joint conditions, reduces depression, dementia and helps you sleep. Sardines, trout, flaxseed, chia, walnuts, edamame, kale, spinach, canola oil are also rich in Omega-3.

  • Dark chocolate is good for you, too! Sweet! Loaded with flavonoid antioxidants, many believe dark chocolate not only tastes great, but provides heart-healthy benefits and may improve brain function, too.

Food for thought – today is all about food. Whether you try a new dish or a family favorite in honor of the occasion - bon appetit! Tomorrow is National TV Dinner Day.


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