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  • Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

National Pancake Day: Americans Flip for Flapjacks

If you are looking for a holiday to flip over, go grab your griddle. A delicious food-inspired holiday that celebrates a beloved American dish, is just a few hours away and people are ready to celebrate! If you love pancakes, go grab your fork. Whether you call them flapjacks, Johnny cakes, griddlecakes or hotcakes, get ready to flip for flapjacks, folks. Hip hip hooray - Sept. 26 is National Pancake Day in the U.S.A!

Did you know that people have been gobbling up pancakes for centuries? Long before microwaves, ovens, pans and iHop, ancient people would combine flour, eggs, milk and spices into a batter and pour it onto a heated rock. And the first mention of the word “pancake” was found in print back in 1430. Legend has it that United States Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were pancake fans.

While most of us can enjoy modern-day pancakes sans heated rocks, pancakes are just about as American as apple pie. Whether you prefer yours plain, slathered in butter, topped with delicious toppings or drenched in ooey, gooey syrup, pancakes are delicious comfort food no matter how you stack 'em. And one thing’s for sure – pancakes aren’t just for breakfast anymore! Easy to make and delicious to eat, pancakes can be enjoyed day or night. Why not whip up a batch of homemade pancakes today in honor of the occasion?

Sept. 26 is also Johnny Appleseed Day.

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