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'Hoppy' National Drink Beer Day: Cheers to a great tasting beer!

Have you heard the latest “buzz?” One of the best beverage days of the entire year is almost here and Americans are in the mood to celebrate! Get ready to raise your glasses, folks. National Drink Beer Day (NDBD) in the U.S.A is only hours away. This refreshing holiday, also known as Drink a Beer Day and/or Drink Beer Day, is an annual occasion celebrated across the nation each year on Sept. 28. Regardless of what you call it, NDBD is all about beer.

Whether you consider yourself a novice, connoisseur, weekend warrior or somewhere in between, nothing quite hits the spot like an ice-cold brew after a long hard day! In fact, folks have been enjoying beer for thousands of years. Not only did prehistoric nomads make beer before learning to make bread, some believe beer was on Noah’s Ark! Today, this popular drink is available in a slew of flavors and varieties and is the third most consumed beverage in the world.

While many studies suggest that drinking red wine in moderation may be good for you, some studies suggest that drinking beer may be good for your health, too! Who knew?

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