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iPod Day: Iconic gadget revolutionized the way the world listens to music

It’s hard to believe that on this day back in 2001, a revolutionary gadget was unveiled that would forever change the way the world listens to music. Apple launched its 6.5-ounce portable music player – the iconic iPod. October 23 celebrates a musical milestone - it's iPod Day.

The tiny MP3 music player had a 5 GB hard drive that could hold a whopping 1,000 CD-quality songs, built-in FireWire port and a rechargeable battery that could play up to 10 hours of continuous music. The original iPod went on sale in November at a cost of $399. In 2002, the second generation iPod was introduced, which held up to 4,000 songs.

Over the years, the iPod continued to evolve with various design and color changes, larger storage capacity, video cameras, video calling, larger screen and video were added. More than 350 million iPod Classic, Mini, Shuffle, Nano and Touch, have been sold around the world as of September, 2012.

Oct. 23 is also National Mole Day and TV Talk Show Host Day.

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