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National Wine Tasting Day: Swirl, Sniff & Sip a Great Tasting Wine Today

Get ready to raise your glasses, America. A very special day of the year is here and wine lovers across the nation are ready to celebrate! It’s time for wine, folks! It’s National Wine Tasting Day (NWTD), an annual beverage holiday created for the wine connoisseur, weekend warrior, novice and everyone in-between. Created by wine lover and freelance writer, the Queen of Holidays, NWTD is observed on the first Saturday in November.

Whether you prefer red, white, dry or sweet, NWTD not only encourages folks to support their local wineries, but provides the perfect opportunity to try a new wine or two. Wine tasting events are not only loads of fun, but are educational, too. For a very reasonable price, parched patrons get a chance to sample all sorts of wine while learning a little bit about each one as well. And if a particular wine just happens to speak to you and calls your name, why not pick up a bottle or two for gifts, special occasions or just because?

Why not grab a few of your favorite BFFs and make a day of it? Head on over to your local winery, pub, store or restaurant for an affordable, fun and refreshing wine tasting event? It’s time to swirl, sniff, sip, sample and celebrate a great tasting wine (just don’t forget that designated driver.) Cheers!


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