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Celebrate Guy Fawkes Day and Bonfire Night

Guy Fawkes Day, also known as Fireworks or Bonfire Night, is a British holiday celebrated each November 5th.

In an effort to bring attention to the religious persecution of Catholics, a small group of conspirators planned to blow up English Parliament in 1605. The secret effort, known as the Gunpowder Plot, began with nearly two tons of gunpowder hidden underneath the House of Lords.

Because innocent people may have been harmed in the plot, some involved began to have second thoughts. One of the conspirators reportedly sent an anonymous letter warning Lord Monteagle to stay away from Parliament on November 5th. The news of the conspiracy eventually reached the King. One of the conspirators, Guy Fawkes, was in the cellar when authorities burst in and was eventually tortured and executed. Even today, the basement of Parliament is searched before a new session begins.

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