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Beautiful Day: Life is beautiful – when you take the time to look

When it comes to beautiful days of the year, today takes the cake. Nov. 20 is Beautiful Day, an annual “holiday” that celebrates all things beautiful.

Let’s face it. Life can be hard. With all the negative things going on in the world today, life can be difficult. And with Thanksgiving and Black Friday just a few days away, this time of year can be downright stressful. Beautiful Day serves as a reminder to slow down and stop and smell the roses.

How to Celebrate Beautiful Day

  • Although it may be difficult, skip the hustle-and-bustle of the busy holiday season today. You can get back on track tomorrow.

  • Take a hike, regardless of the weather! Turn off all those electric devices and pay attention to your surroundings! When is the last time you really took the time to listen to the birds or look at the trees or flowers?

  • Get all dolled up! Put on your prettiest dress or duds and invite your favorite gal pal or fella to enjoy a night on the town.

  • Send flowers to yourself or your significant others. Now you really can stop and smell the roses!

  • How about a new 'doo for a new you?Enjoy a day at the spa.

  • Splurge and buy that new outfit you've been eyeing.

  • Make it movie night but only watch movies with the word “beautiful” in the title, like "Life is Beautiful," "A Beautiful Mind" or "Beautiful Creatures."

  • Listen to songs with the word "beautiful" in the title like "It's a Beautiful Day" or "You Are So Beautiful."

Life can be beautiful - if we only take the time to look.

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