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National Cookie Exchange Day: Enjoy sweet treats to eat at a holiday cookie swap

Talk about a sweet day! Dec. 22 is National Cookie Exchange Day, an annual event created by me, the Queen of Holidays.

Whether you host a party in your own home or have one at the office, cookie exchanges/swaps/parties are loads of fun and pretty simple to put together. Save the date, invite your guests and whip up a batch or two of your favorite tried-and-true homemade cookie recipes or try that brand new recipe you’ve been eyeing and share/trade with your guests.

How to Host a Cookie Exchange Party

  • Create the guest list.

  • Set the date, time and location. (Remember – this is a busy time of the year so plan ahead.)

  • Create the Rules. For instance - Cookies should be homemade, not purchased. How many cookies should each attendee bring? Make sure guests include the name of the recipe so there are not duplicates. Guests are required to bring recipe cards or printouts of recipes. Ask guests to bring packaging and wrapping materials such as colorful ribbon, twine, sturdy plates, tissue, cellophane, boxes, etc.

  • Send out invitations with the exchange rules and R.S.V.Ps.

  • Before the party, select your recipe you want to make and bake.

  • On the day of the party, set up a sampling area, swapping area and packaging area.

  • Set the ambience with some holiday music and festive tablecloths.

  • For added entertainment – encourage your guests to wear their ugly Christmas sweaters.

  • Be sure to have some freshly brewed coffee and/or wine on hand.

  • As guests arrive, place folding cards with the name of the baker and the name of the cookie in front of each platter of cookies. Place the recipes next to each batch for your guests to take home.

  • Let your guests sample the cookies and select the ones they want to take home.

  • Head over to the packaging area and create your own, one-of-a-kind cookie package to take home.

And most importantly - enjoy some freshly-baked cookies with a few of your favorite people. Happy holidays!


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